Our Commitment

We offer a wide array of financial services to meet the needs of both our individual and business clients.   All of our services are managed by a licensed CPA and delivered with our proven formula of timeliness and attention to detail.

Services Offered


We offer a wide array of financial services to meet the needs of both our individual and business clients. All of our services are managed by a licensed CPA and delivered with our proven formula of timeliness and attention to detail.

Tax Services and Preparation

Tax laws change frequently, becoming increasingly complex. Today’s business owner cannot stay current with all the rules and regulations that affect operations without knowledgeable professionals. Our tax expertise helps you maximize deductions and profits. In addition to providing customized, expert tax advice and preparation, our specialists offer premier tax assistance to small businesses as well as individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and limited liability corporations.

Business and Management Advisory

Professional corporations and business owners rely on our business and management advisory services. We offer assistance with merger and acquisitions and Small Business Administration loan applications. Professional practices frequently turn to us to negotiate leased office spaces as well as help develop internal controls to prevent financial dishonesty losses.

Wealth Management

Your assets are safe: – kept in either a discount or full service brokerage account.
We provide customized investment advice and management services to our clients. We minimize your taxable trades by trading less and offsetting gains with losses when they are available. We help identify asset depletion exposures and work diligently to maximize your dividend and interest income, also taking capital gains timely.

Commercial Property Management

ABIS is a leading provider of commercial property management and maintenance services. Commercial property owners and investors throughout Arizona turn to ABIS to procure and manage their commercial property leases.

Payroll Services

Our full-service payroll professionals focus on analyzing payroll tax deductions and tax preparation to help business owners reduce their tax liabilities and ensure that they comply with complex state, local and federal rules. ABIS goes beyond “making payroll” to ensuring your payroll deductions are in compliance and provide enhanced cash-flow timing.

Health Care Practice Management

ABIS allows medical professionals to focus on where they excel – patient care. Dentists and doctors throughout the state turn to ABIS for all aspects of their practice management. We go beyond commercial leasing needs and procuring office space to provide practice management services, from front office management to managing payables and receivables.

Receivable/Payable Services

To avoid the headache of managing in-house staff and alienating customers, professionals turn to ABIS to handle payable/receivable services. We help you increase your earning power because our fees are dependent on your profitability. This partnership approach helps increase your margins and allow you to focus on building your practice.

New Business Formation

Are you thinking about starting your own practice? Expert planning before you venture into private practice will help ensure your success. The ABIS team provides guidance to assist you develop your business plan. We provide advice on corporate structure to help determine how to best shelter your income. We also help forecast sales and develop cash flow analyses.

Asset Management

ABIS clients utilize our asset management professionals to help them with their investment portfolio by suggesting investments that will meet their appreciation and income objectives. Our fees are reasonable and we can assist you to execute trades yourself, or we can trade on your behalf. Minimum investments apply.

Sales Tax Reporting

We assist many business owners with sales tax reporting. We ensure you do not overpay sales tax and can help you with just-in-time inventory management to maximize your cash flow.

Litigation Support

We assist with any accounting litigation support. This includes business interruption proof of loss, IRS audits, and other types of litigation assistance. In the event of a loss involving business income, your insurance company will hire experts, so you should, too.

Business Valuation

When you decide to buy or sell a business, business valuation is critical. We can assist pre-sale, with business acquisitions, or offer resources for borrowing assistance.

Accounting Software Setup

Do you prefer to maintain your bookkeeping in-house? We install and maintain Peachtree or QuickBooks systems and provide on-going support. Never worry about upgrading again, because ABIS handles all the onsite upgrades and technical support.